We all are good people and good friends


By Chima Godson


We all are good people and good friends, is just the matter of compatibility, we all are good brothers and sisters is just the matter of compatibility. Every environment is a good environment is the matter of compatibility. Every marriage is good is just the matter of whether the man and the woman are compatible.

Jeulia WW

Lions cannot role or mingle with ape, but they are all animals. Tigers cannot mingle with lions, but they are all cats. An Eagle cannot mingle with chicken but they are all birds.

In Nigeria a chosen church brother might find it difficult to marry and stay with Christ embassy church sister, but they are all believers.

Any person that doesn’t do/behave the way you do, you might it difficult to cope with he/her if you cannot tolerate him/her. We all are good people and can perform with the right people, that person that is bad to you is a good person to someone else.


That woman that cannot get pregnant might go to another man and be pregnant. Incompatibility doesn’t necessarily means that Mr. A or Mr. B is bad or evil, No! It just that it cannot work with them.

Compatibility makes things easier and keeps people going. We all are each others friend and enemy and we all have somebody we are compatible with, look for it is just a matter of time.

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