The BIG Question, Do You "DARE"?


It is not enough to be born with a purpose, it is not enough to have a great destiny, it is not enough to be born to be great, the BIG question is, do you "DARE"?

This might be the most shocking thing you'd hear, greatness is for people who dare, not for people who were born to be great.

I dont care what grace you have, I don't care how talented you think you're, I don't care how educated you're, I don't care what germ of spoon you were born with, greatness isn't for people who were born to be great, greatness is for people who dares.

A Cub does not become a Lion by just growing old, nah, between a Cub and a Lion are battles, are experiences, are pains, are hurts, are tears, are commitments, are dedications, are determinations, and lastly, are guts to DARE.

Being born a Cub is not a guarnatee to become a lion, a cub has to survive, has to learn to hunt and not be hunted, has to fight, has to dwell, grow and survive in the middle of the forest, only then, will he become a LION.

It is not enough to admire greatness, it is not enough to be born to be great, remember Esau was born with greatness, but Jacob had the guts to DARE.

An Eglet with a phobia for hights will not experience the pride of being an Eagle.

Dare to go through what it takes to become the greatness you desire.

Dare the pain, Dare the hurts, Dare the sufferings, Dare the difficulties, Dare the battles, Dare the hardship, Dare the thorns, only then will you be qualified to become what you were born to become.

Greatness will not speak in hands of a coward, "DARE"

Emmanuel Jakes
+233 206-743-559
Fb Emmanuel Vidon Jakes

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