The Secret Of Beauty Is Cleansing – Good Friday Message


Cleansing means to clean something thoroughly from dirtiness.

No matter how dirty something is, wash it you will see the beauty, no matter how ugly people are clean them you See will their beauty.

No matter how old something is, clean it you see will the beauty of it. No matter how ugly a woman is, dress, clean her you will see the beauty part of her.

Nobody will like to associate with somebody or something that is dirty.

When something or somebody is dirty, its smells, you won’t come there because it irritates, dirtiness is contagious.

So it is with God, God hates dirtiness (Sin). God isolates with anybody that is dirty.

The world today is full of dirtiness, greed, unbelief, fear, evil etc. it is only the word of God that can cleans people from these.

The word of God is the best cleansing agent one can think of (John 15vs3).

It is only the blood of Jesus Christ that can cleans us from sin (1 John 1vs9). It is the blood of Jesus Christ that brings back beauty in a man, his blood heals, and his blood is life (John 6vs53:54).

God answers our prayers fast when we are cleans from our sins and we can only be cleans through Christ.

Good Friday

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