Confidence Is Not Pride


When you meet an average American, one of the major attributes that announces the said person, is usually the CONFIDENCE oozing from every pore.

An elephant doesn't pray to be big, it is in its Gene; His disposition screams that so loud for everyone that cares to listen.

And wouldn't even mind if uninterested persons catches wind of it as well. They sometimes act like they breath classified air coming straight from Jesus's nose, (which is wonderful by the way).

And specially made for genuine citizens of the nation. The phrase, "I am an American" is like the unsolicited greeting they offer you when you meet them.

It has a special way of giving them authority. But then again, do I blame them? Why would I? Are they not Americans? Every child is taught CONFIDENCE 101, (if there's something like that).

They are taught not to settle for less. Not to believe in status quo. To hate complacency. Not to think outside the box, because there's no box in the first place.

They are limitless people. More than anything, Americans are taught to always "help" people, and countries in need, because The United States of America is World Power (Which is not far from the truth).

Now, do you know the essence of "The", people attach to some nations? I'll tell you. "The" is a definite article. It is the only definite article in English language.

And for it to be used for your country, you have to EARN IT. You want to know one major difference between their country, and our beloved Nigeria? It is CONFIDENCE (Let's not talk of economy for now).

An average Nigerian is taught to be just that, from birth. AVERAGE. And you wonder why we like comparison? We have little belief in ourselves.

But do I blame us? Everyone is busy reminding us that "there's a thin line between confidence and pride". Can you at least let us come close to that line? You write and they say, "everyone is now a writer".

You speak, and they tell you to leave motivational speech for people who has made it in life. That's if you are lucky not to be told, "motivational speakers, avoid me".

You sing, and they say you ad-lib too much. Why don't you sing like the original singer. And pass an opportunity to be creative? Thanks but no thanks.

When you speak English with our mother tongue, waoohhh, you squandered your school fees. Then you decide to speak good English? You definitely have to be "forming" it.

Why not leave it for it's people. We forget that... Why are we so afraid of lifting ourselves up? You are a serial entrepreneur? Blow your trumpet once in awhile.

You are a fashion designer? That's who you are, not a tailor. Let them argue all they want. You want to be called a chef, instead of a cook. Keep saying it to them until it sticks.

You love photography? Africa is a beautiful place. You model for a particular brand? You are a model. Even if it's just for a while.

Revel in it. Do you sing? You are a singer. Do you act? No, you don't act once in awhile. You are an actor. Let them know that.

What's up with always trying to be "modest" all the time. It is what it is. We have heard so much about not blowing our trumpet? Can we just BLOW IT A LITTLE? Just a little.

Why are you always unnecessarily shy, when you're told how beautiful you are. Have anyone told you, you are beautiful? Oh, yes they have. Countless times actually.

As a matter of fact, my father tells me that all the time. You are beautiful. Own it You are amazing at your job. You do extremely well with pencil. When you paint, we see the canvas of your heart. You are an artist my Darling.

You dance well too. And you can most certainly help first world nations. Help can come from Africa, you know? Instead of constantly telling us how dangerous Nigerians are, abroad.

Can you just remind us of how brilliant, resourceful, resilient and industrious we can be as well? Please, HELP US BUILD OUR SELF ESTEEM. Help restore SANITY to us.

Imenka Lillian
Your Ready-writer

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