In my little time on earth. I have learnt that one of the most misconstrued concepts, is Leadership.

When people hear of the term, the first thing that comes to mind is position. Which is rather appaling, because it is the least in the cadre of leadership.

This is not to say that there's nothing like positional leadership. No. But you do not need to be in a position to be considered a true leader.

In Management and Leadership course, there's a distinct difference between a manager and a leader.

And for all we know, those you consider leaders because of the positions they occupy may very well be managers, rulers, decision makers, or any other fancy word that describes people in authority.

A leader is not something you become because a position has been conferred to you. It is something you choose to be, intentionally.

No wonder John Maxwell said, that "leadership is a CHOICE, not a position". And you need to have influenced people one way or another, to be considered a leader.

You see, that word INFLUENCE, is multifaceted. And contrary to what people think; it does not relatively connote coercion or oppression.

It is in fact, the power to cause changes without forcing them to happen. Now, isn't that beautiful? (You just make things happen without even lifting a finger? Anyway...)

What have you influenced so far? Are you a person that affects someone or something in a positive way? Or are you looking for a "position" before you give your own quota back to life?

Do you know you can influence lives through your social media space? Or even your little circle?

You don't need to have your statue erected in a city, like that of Mary Slessor. Or have prosterity honour you like Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, or even Nelson Mandela. (To have prosterity honour you would be a great icing on the cake too).

All you need is your willingness, and resolve, to affect lives. In a world, clamouring for attention; looking for entitlement in glamorous titles.

Seek to affect the world, even from the comfort of your home. Seek to be that person that people can rely upon. Someone responsible for anothers personal development.

Someone people would remember, and want to do better. A person whose mere thought of "what she/he would say", would propel another to greatness.

You don't need a position. All you need is resolution. You can start now. One person at a time. No pressure.

By Lilian Imenka
Your Ready-writer