I know this is rather the same thing many of y'all have been told to avoid in order to get him to marry you, but the truth is, if you're looking forward to spending the rest of your life with him (In his house) then three hours in that same house isn't a taboo.

There's no single sense in refusing to visit a man you intend to marry, he'll never take you serious, never, if sleeping with him is what you're avoiding by not visiting him, then you're weak.

You're a mentally weak woman who cannot take charge of her own sanity, you should be able to be in charge, be in control, tell yourself you'll visit him and nothing will happen, but if you don't trust yourself on this, then visit him when you're seeing your flow, this will secure you 90%.

But the magic is in what to and what not to do when you visit. Ask him to make the date in his house this time around, after y'all have met a couple of times outdoor, if you want a man to consider you differently, then you have to be different.

Men dont always find it easy pulling a girl to turn up, asking to turn up by yourself becomes the second shock he'll get from you, because this is unusual, mind you, you're not going there to cook or clean or wash for him, at least not yet, you're going there as 100% visitor.

Get a very nice dress and a little expensive fragrance, it might cost you, but it is worth it, men love very clean women, if you can't maintain one perfume you're free to switch, but wear a very strong perfume.

It gives him the impression that you're very mature and clean. Dress up in your very nice dress and perfume, put your hair in order, men notices a lady's hire faster than any other thing.

Take some money with you for your transportation back home, this also means you'll reject his money again, at least for now.

Turn up in his house wearing a very gorgeous and very confident look, don't dress sexy, wear a very decent dress, don't dress too sisterly too.

Consider something in between, eat and drink whatever he offers you, but maintain a fairly uncomfortable mood, don't lay on his bed or on the couch for any reason, you're a visitor and must remain a visitor.

Don't take over the kitchen from him, sit down and relax, let him serve you, don't forget to put your phone in fight mood or in silent, especially if you're the type that gets called often.

Don't use your phone while in his house, especially when he is present, ladies make the mistake of pressing phone while with a man, giving him half attention.

He would dislike you instantly even if you didn't mean it, Pay a very close attention to his house, everything in a man's house is a detail. Maintain a mutual conversation with him, don't sit on same couch with him when talking.

Don't do dishes, or cook or wash, at least not yet, sit on same place till when you'll leave.

Don't over stay, know when to leave, and the right time to leave is when your visit is becoming more interesting, just come up with another appointment even if you have none, and then request to leave.

Reject any money aid for transportation he gives you, even if you're broke manage or trek, don't take money from him, at least not yet.

And lastly, don't leave like a holy spirit, a quick hug would do, don't kiss him, at least not yet, even if he has pink lips, no kisses.

Show a little gratitude for the hospitality and leave. Any man with 50% of his senses intact will start taking you more serious by now, and with this, he'll start thinking even more deeper than earlier.

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By Emmanuel Vidon Jakes