I know you're very familiar with the saying that first impressions matters, this becomes your time to urilize that theory.

What you do on your first date with a man goes a long way to influence how he would categorize you, and how he categorize you goes a long way to influence how he would treat you all the way.

So the very first magic in my chemistry is the first date magic.

An average man has gone out with at least a dozen of ladies, so you must come up with something outside the box, don't become the regular lady, be unpredictable.

I would not know your choice of date, lunch or dinner, but it doesn't matter, but if you're independent enough to go out in the night, chose a night date, men love night dates because it gives them that feeling that they're dealing with a lady who's mature enough for them.

Men love night dates because men love independent women, so being able to go on a date with him in the night tells him you have grown.

Choose a very clean dinner gown, don't go there wearing jeans and polo like people selling MTN sim card, if you don't know what to wear, ask google for recommendations, pick a clean gown and nice shoes, put your hair in order, wear a sweeping fragrance, when a women smells nice she becomes mentally intimidating to men.

While on table, be yourself, don't put up attitude to impress him, if you're yourself the first time, you'll be yourself forever if he likes you, order for a simple dish so you don't complicate issues.

Don't go ordering for something you would not know how to compose and eat, don't order for something expensive, don't let him spend too much, at least not yet, a normal rice (Any recipe) would do, with salad and chicken, any soft drink of your choice, avoid alcohol.

If you're familiar with cutleries, use them, if you're not use fork at least, eat your chicken with your hand if you cant use cutleries, but hold the chicken with a serviette, order what you can finish.

Many ladies make the mistake of leaving their food half uneaten, thinking it presents them as big girls, well that's not how he sees it, he sees you to be a waster, so finish your food, and your drink.

But don't get all foodie and get carried away, get engaged in a conversation with him, ask him questions to ascertain the kind of man he is, know about him, his family, his religion and home town.

Find out all the vital things about him, men pay attention to the kind of questions ladies ask them on a date, don't ask him personal question, it doesn't concern you, at least not yet, avoid answering calls, put off your phone or put it in flight mode, give him your full attention.

Be very observant, consider the things you say, and your choice of words then Ask him about -
1. Nature of work

2. Family

3. Home town

4. Religion

5. 7 years dream (Marriage must be included)

6. Last relationship

7. Academic level and orientation.
These informations will guide you on dealing with him.

Don't go anywhere else with him from there, go home when y'all are done, reject any money aid for transportation he gives you, use your own money for transportation, at least for now, don't ask for take away.

Be contented with what you have eaten, if he has a car he is free to drive you home, avoid kissing him, at least not yet, don't ever kiss him even if he asks for it, just a normal blissful dinner date, and you go home.

Text him when you're home, don't call, let him feel like you're a grown lady who isn't easily moved, don't go start texting him baby I'm home, bla bla bla, not pet names, at least not yet, a simple two paragraph sms will do.

Men have sense, no one will tell him that you're a class, he will definitely accord you a significant respect, and on this pace, you're going somewhere promising.


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  • By Emmanuel Vidon Jakes