What You Say Is As Important As How You Say It


I can never forget the first lessons I learnt when I joined the ushering unit of my denomination.

Our leader, without taking cognisance, taught us that unit is in fact coined from the word UNITY.

She said, and I quote "We are like a bunch of broom, you can only bend it, but can't break it, until you you take it apart; one after the other".

She said "do not let the congregation see your lapses, if one person have any reason to leave their duty post, signal the other, let him/her assume your position before you leave".

"Communication is key", she emphasized. "Always communicate with your body language. Cover up for one another. When one person fails, ushering unit has failed.

Those words were more than enough life lessons for me. They became like fire shut in my bones. They were the light to my path. I deliberated on it, till it was formed in me.

This is largely because it goes beyond the unit. That is how we should view Life.

We are like A Bunch Of Broom. You can not break us apart, until you remove us one after the other. You can't tear our bond, in life, until you find a way to disintegrate us.

You don't have to let the world see the other person's lapse. Even if they are not amongst those you consider, family or friends. Cover up for them.

Don't let the world see their nakedness. You would only be exposing yourself when you do. Do not be quick to say "I told you so" in public.

Let people assume your position before you leave. One of the best ways to know a true leader is replicating people that can do the job as well as he or she can.

There is no reward in being the only one that knows how to get the job done. Let someone assume the position before you leave.

Learn to communicate with people. Do not assume they know. Assumption is the worst of knowledge. Always communicate. So you'd know their fears or fortes, if they have any.

Communicate with body language. Understanding body language used to be one of the indicators of smart kids.

You might put someone down in your bid to help out in public, by ourightly saying what you intend to.

Remember...What you say is as important as HOW you say it. You don't ALWAYS have to be right. Choose to be kind instead. And learn to listen to people without shutting them down.

Courage doesn't always make you stand and speak. Sometimes Courage will require you to sit and LISTEN.

We all know, there is no short cut to achieving greatness in life. But lifting others, is still one of the surest ways to rise.

Imenka Lillian
Your Ready-writer

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