You Do Not Get Ready, You Live Ready


We will come back to the high level of discipline Joseph exuded in Potiphar's house. But can we just take a minute to talk about how effortlessly he wore the cloak of Prime Minister without prior training?

I mean, it's not like he knew he was going to be in a high profile seat the next day. Nor did he lobby for such glamorous position.

I'm almost certain if someone had prophesied to him, he would've mentally rolled his eyes while echoring a thunderous amen. The sheer Irony.

Like, I was sold into slavery by my own brothers, after the Lord showed me wonderful revelation of how they'd bow to me. His thoughts would echo.

Yet Joseph didn't wait to be in the position before he got ready. The young man got into action, before the world could see his ability. He worked, dutifully. Even if no one saw nor appreciated him.

Are you waiting to get into that position before you can show them just what you're made of? I have a breaking news for you; You might never get such opportunity.

That sounds like negative confession yeah?Don't worry, I have not left the fold.

But, In life, YOU DO NOT GET READY. YOU LIVE READY. If you were to come face to face with the person you consider 'Most Influential' today, what would you say?

What would be your Elevator Pitch? Will you ask for few days to go and "gather your thoughts"?

Let's just say hypothetically, that Corona Virus was never here. Or didn't take three months from us. Would you have been just the same person after these three months?

Would you have made more impact than what you've done currently? Would you have improved more? Learned more, or done better generally?

If it were to vanish right now, creating more job opportunities for the youth. Relinquishing control and positions to you. What would you do with it?

Can you handle such positions? What exactly would you do with such power? Would it swallow you whole, or you'd wear it like an apparel?

Instead of sitting down, wishing for what could have been. Why not make the most of what is.

Grab any opportunity to become a better you. Build your capacity this season. Consciously develop yourself. Seek to gain value whichever way you can.

Live ready. Like I said in my last post, LEADERSHIP IS A CHOICE. So is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

But more importantly, it is a journey. Please do not stop.

By Imenka Lilian
Your Ready-Writer

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