Okay, let me quickly dialogue it, for the sake of my fellow brothers in search.

While you're searching I need you to know that aside character and virtue, women has different prices, which if you know, you'll make your relationship with a woman less stressful for her and less expensive for you.

Let's put sentiments aside, women has prices, character is one thing, virtue is another thing, and then bringing her to a place she can be maintained is another different issue all together.

You can marry or date a good woman and ruin her with lack of maintenance, when a woman isn't properly taken care of, she wheaters and fades away, and the sad side is that, no woman will allow herself to wheater and fade away, she'll improvise and that becomes the problem.

So in addition to your search for character and virtue, also look for a woman you can afford and maintain.

Below are "4" main price tags that all women around the world fall into, the list might get higher, but it can't get cheaper.

1. "Affordable women"

These ones do not desire much to be comfortable and happy, they were probably raised from a middle or lower class family.

These ones can be persuaded to be house wives, as long as you feed her and her kids well, she's okay with public transport, she's okay even if you don't have a car.

Three square meal, a good roof that doesn't leak over her head and little money in her pocket, she's happy, and a happy woman, is a gorgeous woman.

2. "Expensive women"

These ones aren't cheap, family background alone doesn't influence this type of women, exposure and company adds.

These women are big aspirants, thay have dreams and a career to achieve, house wife is a no no, these women needs a capable man to be happy.

In addition to feeding well and good house these women needs clean collection of clothes, it doesn't have to be designers but it has to have good quality, frequent change of hair and enough money to move around, they don't do public transport, Taxi or Uber if you don't have a car.

3 "Classic women"

This category of women are not just expensive, but they're very expressive, only men that earns from six middle fingures up can deal with them, this isn't about Holy Spirit, this is their price.

These women do not just need three square meal, they need refined continental dishes made by the finest cooks.

You must have a house of your own, public house is a no no, these women are usually working class, earning well and driving their own cars.

House wife is a never never, they do not do taxi or Uber, they drive, they need their own car, they shop at least once every two months with a little of original designers, they need six figures dancing in their accounts always and then a touch of over seas vacation once in a while.

4 "Executive women"

These women are the top of the class, these women are already made millionaires and billionaires without a man, so if you're opting in for these women you already know you're on a long thing.

These women are hardly impressed by things money can buy, you don't impress them, you dialogue with them.

Range Rover don't flatter them, most of them drive Mercedes Mayback and RR Cullinan, these women don't do interstate or intercity, they do cross country, and in private jets.

These women don't go to boutique, they do shopping spree in designer complex, these women dont wear italian or turkish, they do pure designers.

They don't cook, clean or wash anything, if they do it for you, it is a gift to you, house wife is a hell no hell no.

These women don't stay in duplex, they stay in ranch complex and to make them happy, you must be the out of the box kinda man who deals in 6 middle figures but in hard currencies.

Like I said, there's no cheaper women than what's above, it will only get more expensive, so don't just be looking for character and virtue, also look for your size, to avoid she left me for Ken.

Emmanuel Vidon Jakes

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