Be There For Others, But Never Leave Yourself Behind


I've never been an advocate of an eye for an eye. And would never be. But...
I would totally understand if you've had enough.

Not because you're upset, hurt, offended, disappointed, or want to get back at the said person.

Not necessarily because you want to show them that they are not the air you breathe, and you can survive without them.

Not even because you've gotten enough fuel for your generating set, and you can afford to switch it on, whenever they decide to let you stay in darkness; since they've become your light. But, simply because you have had enough.

You no longer want to be that person, always Baby sitting them. Constantly reminding them of their worth, and how much they mean to you, and their loved ones.

Catching them when they stagger, or want to make mistakes. Carrying their heavy burden on your shoulder, alongside yours.

Heartily making excuses for their messy attitudes. And understanding why they act the way they do.

Yet, you are hated, or spoken I'll of; when you didn't call back immediately they hung up.

At least, you should check if they unknowingly hurt their fingers, in their bid to hastily end the call on you.

The one they would decide not to call, or pick calls from, because they know you'd definitely call back. As it has become a ritual.

If bad gets to worse, they would call and explain how busy they've been for months. But, you should understand because they always have lots in their plate, and you know that already.

They are super busy. Have they heard of PRIORITY? Did they miss Economics class, when Scale Of Reference was taught?

You remain that person that readily understands, even before they would explain. And that is, If they find the decency to.

The only friend they never look out for. Because they think you have super powers in giving out, without recieving. Your uncanny gift of looking out for everyone but yourself, is second to none.

The one they don't bother speaking to, because they know you'd still have their numbers after several years; ofcourse, it is saved in the sim card of your heart.

While they keep missing yours. You know, they always get new phones.
You give expressly to everyone else, but yourself. Yet they still want more. What happened to you?

How did you become this caregiver that gives a greater portion to all and sundry, and remain left overs for yourself?

Have you not heard that the bread seller needs to eat bread to remain nourished? Do you think you become full by selling to others?

Now, you've found your VALUE, and they think you have changed. No dearie, you didn't. You simply stopped being recalcitrant to the voice of reasoning.

That inner voice that reminds you to love your neighbour as you love yourself. Not the other way round.

That voice that has been stretching to redeem you from yourself. Telling you it's okay to find solace in none other person, but you.

The sound that teaches you to spend more time with yourself, by yourself and for yourself.

No, it isn't SELFISHNESS, it is infact realizing your SELF WORTH. The worth that makes you tired of running away from yourself, to chase shadows.

When you have all you need, sitting and begging to be noticed, in front of a mirror. That force that makes you want to build yourself, instead of drawing it from what your consider "a never ending well".

No wonder, you fill it with so much love and positive vibes, so that you can call them, to get it without being questioned.

You put it there in the first place, you tell yourself. Fill your tank first.
It's okay to be there for others; but please, never leave yourself behind.

Imenka Lilian 
Still your Ready-writer

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