The Nigeria Centre for disease control (NCDC), on Wednesday 25 June, 2020, reported 649 new cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria. 

According to their daily updates via twitter, Lagos state still records high with 250 new cases, in Oyo 100 new cases, Plateau and Delta 40 new cases, in Abia 28.

Kaduna state recorded 27 new cases, in Ogun 22, in Edo 20, in Akwa Ibom 18, 17 new cases was recorded in Kwara and FCT, in Enugu 14.

In Niger and Adamawa 13, in Bayelsa 7, in Osun and Bauchi 6, in Anambra 4, in Gombe 3, in Sokoto 2 and in Imo and Kano 1.

So far, Nigeria total confirmed cases is 22,020, 7,613 discharged with 542 deaths.

Cross River State is still the only state in Nigeria that have not recorded any covid19 case.

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