Frustrated by the complexities of life coupled with lack of basic care, a mother of two attempted suicide in Abule Egba, Lagos. 

Mrs Bukola Agboola who hails from Abeokuta Ogun State was said to have made an attempt to end her life abruptly on Thursday night, in her residence Number 2 Kuburat Lawal Street,in Agbado Oke Odo Local Council Development Area of Lagos. 

Bukola reportedly drank sniper a highly concentrated insecticide, on grounds of being overwhelmed by harsh realities. 

According to the estranged wife, while on a visit to the Ile Epo General Hospital where she was rushed to that night, Mr Agboola her husband for whom she had two children; a boy and girl often maltreats her; beating, cursing and inflicting bodily harm on her. 

Bukola claimed she felt overwhelmed that Thursday night, when she was forced to break into her improvised save to buy food for her children who barely ate any food days back.

"Receiving all forms of maltreatment from my husband, who often beats me up anytime of the day got to me and I decided to rent an apartment just to safe myself from untimely death. 

"Having reported to his father who did not subscribe to him beating me for nothing and even advised me not leave my children with him, because no proper care will be given to them. 

"I managed to raise some fund through the sale of bottled engine oil,but when my husband left no money for us to feed,I had to break my save to buy them some food. 

"I decided committing suicide when I gave it a thought that I cannot go any further in that kind of situation,so I drank sniper out of frustration. 

"I am tired of the relationship and have told the person whom I have left for me as my mother,since my biological father and mother died. 

"But she is partially blind and could not really help prevail on my husband. I am in a thight corner and just need a break,had nobody to come to my aid." 

Iya Idris as she is fondly called by her neighbours and those patronizing her,was said to have suffered so much in the relationship. 

Her neighbours who pleaded anonymity, confirm that her’s was an unending case of wife battering. 

According to the neighbours, the husband, Mr Wasiu Agboola an Ibadan man, often resorts to beating her up anytime they had disagreements especially when he is demanding for sex from a woman who barely had anything to eat,most times she get thrown out on the street in the cold by her husband. 

Wasiu an Okada Rider around Abule Egba axis,most times reportedly desert his home for days leaving the family with nothing to eat. 

The neighbours noted further that whoever intervened to give succour to the family gets a fight from Mr Wasiu Agboola. 

They further pleaded with government agencies in charge and human rights group to come to the rescue of Mrs Agboola and her children. 

Bukola was discharged from the hospital and referred to Psychiatric hospital Yaba, for counselling so as to forestall a repeat of the suicide attempt by 11am on Friday and she has been taking back home with no adherence to medical referral.