On the 25th June, 2020, Liverpool was announced champions of premier league for the session 2019/2021 and as it stands, they are king of Champions.

Considerably, we are all aware that one factor responsible for Liverpool's victory this season is intelligent dealing in the transfer market which is no doubt their key to success, with Salah, the Egyptian footballer, Sadio mane alongside the Brazilian silent killer, Roberto Firmino.

These three players were all signed during the coming of Jurgen Klopp, one who is often referred to as "Normal one" though after his victory he has been predicted to be called "god"

Speaking after the game end between Chelsea and Manchester city, jurgen klopp said he felt relieved after the game since they have nothing to worry anymore.

Here is his words after the Chelsea vs man city match on Thursday 22 June, 2020.

"I am completely overwhelmed; I don’t know, it’s a mix of everything – I am relieved, I am happy, I am proud, I couldn’t be more proud of the boys.

"How we watched the game tonight together, we knew it could happen, it couldn’t happen, we didn’t know.

"We want to play football and we are really happy that we are allowed to play again – then when it happened in that moment, it was a pure explosion.

"When we counted down the last five seconds of the game, the ref counted down a little bit longer than us so we had to look at two or three more passes!

"Then it was pure…I cannot describe it. It was a really, really nice moment. Directly after it, I felt so empty inside – I cannot believe it.

"I am really not happy with myself in the moment that I feel like I feel, but it’s just a little bit too much in the moment. I will be fine, nobody has to worry"

Now, the trio who are Jurgen klopp signings since his move from Dortmund to Liverpool has managed to score an encouraging figure of 211 goals in less than three seasons of which Mohammed salah adds 92 to his record, sadio mane adds 65 while 54 goes to Firmino.

We believe not just the signing of these players are the secret behind their success.

So, in this post, we will be looking at those secrets to Liverpool success in winning premier league 2019/ 2020 season.

The Badge

This really got me marvelled when I asked a Liverpool fan who has been their secret to winning the premier league. Hearing "The badge" made me remember "Never Walk Alone"

Liverpool are known for their stubbornness, continuity and never giving up. Though they haven't won the league since 1989-1990 season till this glory finally came. They kept pushing and never giving up.

So, we take "the Badge" which is "Never walk alone" as one of the secrets to Liverpool success in winning premier league 2019/2020 season.


Liverpool winning premier league this season is all due to their consistency in what so ever they believe.

This consistency has been shown over and over by Liverpool FC both the fans, players and the coaching staff. They are just a thing to talk about.

If you could remember the champions leagues between Liverpool and Barcelona of which Barcelona had a 2 - 0 first leg win.

Many thought it was all over and you know, the temperature of playing with FC Barcelona is another big work, but Jurgen klopp never stops his player from being on the high spirit.

He would charge them over and over and keep telling them it is not over.

They went from a two zero down to win the second leg at anfield beating FC Barcelona by 3 goals to 0.

Other of things consistency are down but I just felt like mentioning this particular one which I just did.

Absolute incredible Jurgen Klopp

As they always say "the off production as always unnoticed unless you look deep"

Klopp, "The Normal one" is an absolute incredible coach. He has shown over the years to be one of the best finest coaches the world of football has ever had.

He is sensible, tactical and high spirited. Having such a figure in any team is an additional energy.

One thing about klopp is that he doesn't brag much about his team and his abilities.

After the game between man city and Chelsea, when Jurgen Klopp was questioned. He said...

"Its marvelous, it is just unbelievable winning the premier league"

The fans

The fans of Liverpool are regarded as one for the most supportive fan all over the world.

They scream with endless energy filled and non stopping power. It's rare seeing that kind of fans.

Liverpool fans are just the crazy type. Despite the covid-19, many of them still managed to watch the match between Chelsea and Manchester city just to see their team through victory.

Their God

Another driving force which is consider as the secrets to Liverpool success in winning premier league 2019/2020 season is the God they serve. They serve their God the way each wants to.

This is very effective among the trio – salah, mane and Firmino. Once in a while, they each make reference to their God and we believe their God is always awake to see them through.

Dedication and commitment

One thing that's sure in premier league is dedication and commitment. Those who are committed to their duty's always smile in premier league.

Phillipe Coutinho, the Brazilian and former player of Liverpool FC and fC Barcelona is suffering today due to his impatience and lack of commitment and loyalty to a club that showed him love.

He left for FC Barcelona and Liverpool shocked him with the winning of UEFA Champions league which has always been his dream.

FC Barcelona got tired of the player Liverpool regarded as their favourite and loaned him to Bayern Munich and then Liverpool gave him another shocking with the lifting of the premier league.

The connection shared between the back players, midfielders and forwards are just extra extra ordinary. The love between the players as earned them this great glory.

Team work

Could there be any other team as workable as that of Liverpool FC for the season 2019/2020?

I leave this to your ponder.

There couldn't be any other better secrets to Liverpool success in winning premier league this season aside the ones listed above. Feel free to add to the secrets but dont try removing among of the secrets above.

Author : Nwodom Chibuike
URL: Topgistextra.com