One student in Indiana School tested positive for Covid-19 on the first day of class.

As an Indiana school district welcomed students to the 2020-21 academic year, the student reportedly test positive according to a letter sent to parents.

According to CNN, the Hancock County Health Department notified Greenfield-Central Junior High School on Thursday afternoon that one of their students, who had attended part of the school day, tested positive for Covid-19, Superintendent Harold Olin said in a letter. 

Olin said the school enacted its "Positive COVID-19 Test Protocol" once school officials became aware of the positive result. 

School officials immediately isolated the student within the school's clinic, and they examined the student's schedule, including transportation and extracurricular activities, to determine who had come in close contact. 

The superintendent noted that special attention would be given to areas and classrooms that the infected student had visited. 

"We understand that this information will cause concern for some of you. It was very evident today that nearly all of our families and students were prepared to properly follow the safety protocols we have established," Olin said. 

"Adhering to these protocols is essential for maintaining a safe environment for all students and staff."  

Source:- CNN