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Mesut Özil offered to pay the salary of mascot Gunnersaurus, who was let go from Arsenal yesterday

Mesut Özil

Arsenal star, Mesut Özil has offered to pay the salary of mascot Gunnersaurus, who was let go from Arsenal yesterday. 

It has been reported in England that Jerry Quy, who has performed matchday and event duties for 27 years in the famous green dinosaur costume, will be made redundant as part of the Gunners' cost-cutting measures. 

The rumours prompted an outcry from a number of fans, with a GoFundMe page set up to help to spare him from dismissal.

A former player Paul Merson told Sky Sports News:- "There will be 30 and 40-year-old fans who have grown up with that dinosaur. 

"It's disappointing, I think it's poor by Arsenal, I really do." 

Meanwhile, while the decision to dismiss Gunnersaurus has not yet been announced by Arsenal, Ozil has made it clear he will do what he can to keep him in a job for as long as he is a player at the club. 

"I was so sad that Jerry Quy aka our famous & loyal mascot @Gunnersaurus and integral part of our club was being made redundant after 27 years. 

"As such, I'm offering to reimburse @Arsenal with the full salary of our big green guy as long as I will be an Arsenal player so Jerry can continue his job that he loves so much," he wrote on Twitter.

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