Lionel Messi hit back after Antoine Griezmann's former representative suggested the Barcelona captain has played a significant role in the France star's struggles at Camp Nou. 

Messi returned to Barcelona on Wednesday having represented Argentina in a pair of World Cup qualifiers and was asked about the comments as he left El Prat Airport. 

Lionel Messi says he is tired of being blamed for problems at Barcelona. 

"The truth is that I'm a little tired of always being the problem for everything at the club. On top of that, after a 15-hour flight, I had the tax authorities waiting for me. It's madness" 

Griezmann's ex-adviser Eric Olhats last week told France Football that Messi has power over everything at Barca, objected to the signing of Griezmann and made him feel unwelcome. 

Olhats added: "Messi is as much an emperor as a monarch and he didn't take kindly to the signing of Antoine. 

"His attitude has been deplorable ... I've always disliked hearing Griezmann say that there are no issues with Messi but never the other way around. It's a reign of terror. You're either with him or against him. 

"Last season, when Griezmann arrived, Messi didn't speak to him and didn't pass him the ball. I think he suffered because of a negative adaptation."