Highlights of Humiliating Viral Videos of how Some Young Men Make their Money(videos)


Yes,Money is a basic necessity for life and its often referred to as evil, Ofcourse not, money isn't Evil neither is it Corrupting the world, Rather its the illegitimate process of making it tags it all the mis-conductive Definitions

Nigerian Young Boys/Men all wants to make Money, in other to move away from static oppression or is seen that 45% of Nigerian youths are into fraud known as cybercrimes or Money rituals or probably Both

The viral Videos that Surfaced online was about Grown up men feasting on life chicken clothed with feather and the other was people whom went out of their own way to meet a ritualist to perform rituals for them upon hoping by Easter the would have made Billions 

The most Recent is a boy caught uncontrollably Vomiting money,surprisingly the money isn't spitty atall

Strenuousblog was able to capture some in its various clips;SEE VIDEO BELOW:

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