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killer-herdsmen are not Nigerians - Ortom cries out

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom on Thursday said some herdsmen who create havoc in the Country are not Nigerians. 

Ortom stated that the President Buhari is not doing well in tackling the alarming rate of insecurity in the country. 

"In neighbouring countries like Ghana and Benin, people are properly profiled before they are allowed in. 

"People coming into Nigeria have to be properly profiled. It is there in the ECOWAS protocol. I have studied it. 

"Most of the herdsmen killing our people are not even Nigerians. Even the president himself said this during his visit to the United Arab Emirates."

Ortom added that the law prohibiting open grazing in Benue State was the reason for "the relative peace we are enjoying".

 ''The President as our leader is not doing well and that is why I am calling on him to step up his action and act faster than the way it is being done right now. 

"He should declare state of emergency in security right now so that all resources and more strength would be channeled towards ensuring that we have security for lives and property in this country because for now, everything is in disarray and without security there can be no meaningful development. 

"The Presidency is not doing well and that is why I had to write to him and publicly declare that the President must come out and take steps that would redeem his image. 

"President Buhari served this country as a Military head of state and Nigerians appreciated him for who he was and that was why overwhelmingly he was voted into power in 2015. 

"Honestly, what is happening now, the body language shows clearly he is not the President who is supposed to be the President of everybody but for nobody. 

"It is clear to me that the President is the President for everybody and for some people. This is the challenge I have''.



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