Your Dreams are Valid - Khay

Many times we get envious or jealous about the fruits of others that we forget that God gave us seeds too!!!! . 

Those people have been working on theirs and that's why you see their fruits blooming. How about you take your eyes off theirs and plant your seed, give it time, attention, nurture and all and watch it grow too. . 

Now when you plant don't forget that people will throw "shit", "dirt" at you, now please don't mad. Remember that "shit" like fertilizer helps plants grow. .

You may need that "pissing off" to challenge the Giftings and abilities down on the inside of you. . You may need that "insult" to go back to the drawing board. . 

You may need that "snub" to build your own system, structure, business or whatever. . You may need that big "NO" to discover another oil well in your mind. 

Whatever happens please keep your eyes on what God has told you in the place of prayer. Your dreams are valid. 

Love and Peace 
The Growth Catalyst

By Magdalene Khay


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