Klopp Reacts on Keita Performance

Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp acknowledged his sides performance was 'not good enough to get a better result'.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool on Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final first leg 3-1 at Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano.

Klopp on reacting on Naby Keita performance said, "Yes, it was tactical. Not one player is responsible. He was not good in the game but we all saw it, I could have made more.

"I am not happy about it as now we talk 'it is Naby's fault'. It was not, but it was tactical. It was tactical, it was tactical. 

"That’s now things I don’t like in the job, stuff like this. You do that and then it’s like the one player is responsible for the performance of the first half. 

"Naby was not responsible for that. He didn’t play for a while, especially not from the start, and these kind of things. 

"We were not good in the game, Naby was not good in the game but we all saw the game so, to be honest, I could have made a few more changes in that moment.

"So it was not about Naby but I did it and I am now not happy about it because we talk about it like it was Naby’s responsibility. It was not. But it was tactical, that’s it"

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