Check out what Bar Jude Tobechukwu Okoro wrote about Late Ahmed Gulak (Photos)


Going straight to the point... 

The assassination of Ahmed Gulak is shocking. 

After reading the press release of the Imo State Police Command PPRO, the following things are clear: 

(1) Late Gulak clearly intended to leave Imo State without notice to the APC Imo State Government. 

(2) Late Gulak left with a Uber taxi with no security escort and took irregular routes to avoid detection and being followed. The question then is: who was he evading and why? 

(3) You can safely assume that Gulak was trailed and followed by those he was evading.
(4) You can also safely assume that Gulak came to see and interact with the Government and party in power in Imo State. 

(5) You can also safely assume that Imo State Government and APC gave Gulak police escort when he arrived though it was not in the news. 

(6) So what went wrong that made Gulak to attempt to leave without escort knowing the security challenges in Imo State and today being Biafra sit-at-home in commemoration of Biafra heroes? 

(7) Or did he ask for escort and was denied to pave way for what happened?

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