Twitter Ban against Nigeria's constitution - US

The US Government says the suspension of Twitter by Nigeria is at difference with the 1999 Constitution which ensures opportunity of articulation. 

The US said in a statement that the move sabotages Nigeria's capacity to practice this opportunity and it sends a helpless message to financial backers. 

The statement read, "Nigeria's constitution accommodates opportunity of articulation. 

The government new #Twitterban subverts Nigeria's capacity to practice this key opportunity and sends a helpless message to its residents, financial backers and organizations. 

"Prohibiting online media and controling each resident's capacity to look for, get and give data sabotages crucial opportunities. 

"As President Biden has expressed, our requirement for singular articulation, open public discussion and responsibility has never been more noteworthy. 

"The part to a safer Nigeria lies in more, not less correspondence, close by purposeful endeavors towards solidarity, harmony and thriving." 


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