RRS operatives allegedly rape 18 year old Student of Abia State Polytechnic

Heavy protest rock Abia State Polytechnic (Abia Poly) on Thrusday 23 September 2021, road block as Students protest over rape of 18 year old student by the operatives of Rapid Response Squad (RRS). 

Abia State Polytechnic (Abia Poly) are rampaging on the account of their students who were allegedly raped by policemen last night. The traffic is streching endlessly and threatens to last the whole day.

"This is a heinous allegation that must be investigated. The alleged culprits, if found culpable, must made to face the wrath of the law in a very transparent way," a Student said.

An eyewitness said, "I would have been very frontal in my criticism here and now but for the need of giving the accused policemen some benefits of the doubt.

"One would have thought that our policemen here in Aba would have learnt some lessons from the #EndSars imbroglio but from the much I have so far observed about their public conduct, I doubt if the leopard can truly change its colour.

"Police authorities, I must warn, shouldn't attempt to sweep this incident under the carpet. If they do, they will have the power of social media to contend with." 

On the other hand, the students are also protesting the accreditation of the engineering department.

According to a student, "Prince", "the engineering department has not been accredited for almost eight years, making us unable to go for NYSC and where they promised last month's ending and now they're still promising us next month's ending." 

"Graduating students have now joined hands in protest, claiming that their teachers had told them the same thing.

"Today was supposed to be our exam and we are saying no accreditation, no exam," he said.

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