Eminem serves fans Spaghetti as he opens mums restaurant

Eminem surprised fans while serving customers at his new Mom's Spaghetti restaurant.

Mom's Spaghetti, which he opened on Wednesday (September 29 2021), is located in Detroit, where the rapper was born. 

The rapper surprised fans by showing up at the restaurant to serve customers and take selfies. 

His action comes nearly two decades after he famously rapped about vomiting his mother's spaghetti in the song Lose Yourself. 

Despite his childhood feud with his mother, the 48-year-old is bringing his 'Mom's Spaghetti' to life.

The rapper, was seen serving food to fans while wearing a grey hoodie over a white t-shirt. 

The restaurant's name is a play on words from his 2002 hit song, Lose Yourself, which serves as the theme song for his film 8 Mile, rather than his actual mother's name, Debbie Nelson, with whom he has had a troubled relationship.

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