OPINION: Linda Ikeji Changing Her Son's Surname to Her Father's Name - My Cultural and Traditional Take on this


I have been reading media uproar and questioning on why Linda Ikeji should change her son's name to her father's instead of the man who fathered the boy. 

I have read many, including ndị Igbo questioning her and saying a lot of thing. I, Maazị Ogbonnaya shook his head while reading these things. 

What offence did Linda Ikeji commit? I see none. Nothing. She was only abiding by the Igbo cultural practice and tradition of our land. 

The question is, was her bride price paid by the man who fathered her son? No or yes? If yes, she is wrong and should be given every media backlash. 

You cannot be legitimately married and deny a child his father's name. If no, the joke is on all of you wagging your mouth over what you know nothing about. 

In Igbo culture and tradition, any child born by a woman belongs to the father of the woman when the bride price was not paid. 

Except the traditional marriage rite takes and by tradition, a kwụrụ ngọ, the child belongs to the man wey do the do and must take his name. *Doing the do* does not make you a father. 

For you to be a legitimate father in Igbo land you must lụọ nwaanyị accordingly and also shudder your responsibilities. Donating sperm and impregnating woman when there is no cultural bond or unison does not make you a father.

In this case of Linda Ikeji, she hasn't done anything wrong. It is between her and the father of the child to discuss. If the man can pay the ngọ And do the needful, the child will take his name. 

I am approaching this discourse from the Igbo traditional and cultural prism. A child must have a father's name. This is determined by whether bride price is paid or not. 

For now, spare her some talk except ma the guy ọ kwụrụ ụgwọ isi ya and I don't know about it. SHE DID THE RIGHT THING. I paused. 

© Maazị Ogbonnaya Okoro

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