500 Naira to Lactating Mothers: Ikpeazu's CPS Blames self for not crossing the TS and dotting the IS

The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Abia State, Sir Onyebuchi Ememanka says, as the spokesman of the Governor, he takes the blame 'rightly or wrongly,' if there are issues with our message in the media.

Ememanka was reacting to the controversy generated by the interview Governor Okezie Ikpeazu had with Channels TV where he made mention of 500 Naira as part of the package giving to lactating mothers in the State's Primary Health Care centers, read here

While noting that those who complain genuinely are of the opinion that the mention of the 500 Naira was unnecessary, the CPS was of the view that "The mention of the N500 appeared to have overshadowed the other two even more important interventions enjoyed by the new mothers and mentioned by the Governor. 

That part should have been tweaked a little. It's OK."

"So, please, put the blame on me. It was entirely my fault. That is why the Governor has me. I have also drawn valuable lessons from the episode which will further guide me in the days ahead," he emphasized.

Ememanka, who noted that leadership involves taking responsibility, said the brouhaha generated by the interview has reiterated the truism that in public communications, every T must be crossed and every I dotted.

He however insisted that: "The interventions mentioned by the Governor are not even inclusive of the free ante natal care and other forms of assistance these women receive prior to their delivery at our Primary Healthcare Centers. 

"These interventions are very well received by these women and they are truly grateful to the State Government. As a result of these interventions, there has been a sharp reduction in new mother and new born baby mortality rate in Abia State today and we are amongst the first six with such low mortality rates in the country today. This is verifiable."

According to the Governor's mouthpiece, the advent of Social Media has made the job of the Spokesman more challenging, especially in the political arena as it calls for even more tact on the part of the media manager.

He further added that the political environment is very unforgiving and no matter how well intentioned an issue is, any slip in its presentation will lead to a deluge of attacks insisting that the assertion is 'even truer here in Abia State where there is a high level of AKPOR MEN all over social media.'

"So, I accept full responsibility for whatever issues that interview had and I hereby present my head to you for slaughtering," he maintained.

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