"I just want someone that is genuinely caring and funny" - DJ Cuppy

Florence Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy, a popular Nigerian disc jockey, has stated clearly what kind of man she wants. She also admits to having had a date with a bus driver.

Cuppy, a Master's student at Oxford University in England, stated this during an interview on The Zeze Millz Show, adding that all she wanted was someone who is genuine caring and funny.

"I have dated all kinds of men, maybe not every single kind but like a lot of different types of men. I find them on apps; one of the apps cost €400 to join. 

"I have dated a bus driver; I went on a date with a bus driver, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

"I have literally gone on a date with an annoying guy that lives with his mother. I have gone on a date with a model, I have been on a date with a footballer, like so many of them. 

"With dating you have to be open-minded; I actually enjoy dating. When you go on a date, it is about talking and getting to know each other. I am ‘super open’, I want to be dating and that is why I met the bus driver.”

"I just want someone that is genuinely caring and funny. Someone who can be an escape for me out of my crazy world."

DJ Cuppy revealed that some men have taken advantage of her because of her privileged background in previous relationships.

"I am learning to be a little less in control. I am the kind of person that will plan everything to the letter and before I know it, I would have already paid for everything. 

"I have been in a situation where guys have taken advantage of me. I have dated guys that have been there for the ride. Now, I am in a space where I say, ‘pick where we are meeting’. When the bill comes, I sit on my hand."

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