julius jones: Family pleads with oklahoma governor to grant last-minute clemency

On Thursday, the state of Oklahoma will put Julius Jones to death. Mr Jones's family and allies have been lobbying Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to commute the man's sentence to life in prison, but Mr Stitt has not indicated that he is considering a reversal. 

Mr. Stitt is now facing international pressure after the European Union's ambassador to the United States wrote him a letter pleading with him to halt the execution, and a petition against it has received more than 6 million signatures.

Jones, 41, has spent more than half of his life in prison after being accused with and convicted of the 1999 carjacking murder of Paul Howell. 

He has maintained his innocence, claiming that he was falsely accused by his then-friend and co-defendant, who allegedly shot Mr Howell. 

Jones will be executed by lethal injection, making him only the second prisoner to be put to death since the state took a six-year hiatus from employing the lethal drug cocktail following a string of botched executions.

The first person executed since the moratorium was removed, a 60-year-old convict, convulsed and vomited throughout the procedure, raising new concerns about the medicines. In the days running up to the execution, Jones and his supporters have been visiting Mr. Stitt's office in an attempt to arrange a meeting to negotiate a stay of execution. 

Jones' campaign to avoid the death penalty was documented in the ABC documentary The Last Defense, which drew the attention of celebrities, particularly those with ties to Oklahoma.

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