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Beloved Could you please just endure the pain? When you find what works, work on that.
Let me just let you know now, your pains are the only real witnesses you have. Bear it in mind that your life today will be a story tomorrow.
I'm not a motivational speaker, neither am I intensionally intending to be one. If all the motivational speeches you've all heard aren't valid, then count this off.
One big problem with humans is that "most humans do not appreciate work; they prefer luck to work."
Count your blessings and never forget to name them, just take a breath and pause. "God has been faithful, right? Yeah! He definitely has.
I assure you, your personality is predestined to be prolific and successful.
There's no means of measuring the benefits of hard work. The more hardworking you are, the more successful you'll be.

From Builder John Josiah C 

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