Women Who Give Birth In Govt Hospitals Will Get N500, Says Ikpeazu

Women who give birth in government health institutions in Abia State will receive N500 and a delivery pack, according to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. 

According to him, the change was necessary since decent healthcare is not inexpensive. "The state of Abia has tapped into the basic health insurance for expectant mothers. 

On Wednesday, the governor told Channels Television's Sunrise Daily that if you put your child to bed in any of our primary healthcare centers, you would be given N500.

"Delivery is free; they give you a delivery pack and they give N500 which is running for the vulnerable members of the society."

The governor, who further defended the move, said it is targeted at vulnerable and poor people and that the delivery pack contains items needed to take care of newborn babies. 

"But if you want a certain level of medicare, you should be able to pay," Ikpeazu noted, adding: "Are you asking a poor woman what she will do with N500? Some people don’t have it." 

While the sum may appear insignificant, the governor stated that "at the very least, it will pay their journey back home." 

Governor Ikpeazu, who also addressed the state's non-payment of resident doctors' salaries, stated that his administration is working hard to improve healthcare. 

"If you're running a hospital and want to get paid, the way to go isn't to stay at home or to move patients from those facilities to your own clinic," Ikpeazu said, but he acknowledged that individuals are entitled to their income.

"The way to go is for you to work. The government will do two things: not only paying salaries because paying you without equipment will amount to not giving the people optimum service. So, I said I was going to provide equipment."


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