Beijing urges Chinese football players to remove their tattoos


The China Sports Administration says players in the national football team are "strictly prohibited" from getting any new tattoos. 

Body ink is traditionally frowned upon in China but it is increasingly popular among young adults. 

In recent years, the sport has become a target of the Communist Party's purge, and players on the national football team often cover their arms with long sleeves or bandages to conceal their tattoos.

Players in the national team, meanwhile, are "strictly barred from obtaining fresh tattoos," according to a statement issued by the China Sports Administration on Tuesday.

The message said, "Those who have tattoos are urged to have them removed." "Tattoos must be covered during training and competition under specific conditions, with the approval of the rest of the squad."

It went on to explain that tattoos were "strictly prohibited" in the recruitment of under-20 national teams and those even younger.

However, not all fans appeared to be in favor of the new restrictions.

"Are we picking a good football player or a saint?" enquired one irate fan on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

"Should we just say that only Party members are allowed to play football?" suggested another.

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