Failure comes to my mind when i hear 'PDP' - Buhari

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari says "failure" comes to mind whenever he hears the abbreviation "PDP".

The president said this in an exclusive interview with Channels Television.

When asked what he thinks of Nigeria's youth, Buhari said that "when they go to school; when they work hard; when they have a degree, they don't do it thinking government must provide them a job, they don't do it thinking government must give them a job."

"You get educated because an educated person is unquestionably superior to one who is uneducated." Even when it comes to identifying personal issues.

"So, education is not merely to cling on to the government for a job and what the colonials indoctrinated on - to have a car, a house, and to start work at 8 a.m. and close at 2 a.m.," Buhari added.

The president also expressed his displeasure with the state of electricity in Nigeria, noting that if the nation can get its technology right, the cost of transmission will be reduced and more power will be generated.

As regards the fate of the IPOB leader, President Buharian ruled out pardon, saying: "If people behave themselves, all well and good, but there is a possibility of a political solution".

"Nigerians are aware that I do not meddle in the judiciary," he continued. "Give him a chance to speak. Those who argue that we should free him should know that this is not possible.

"There is a potential of a political solution; if people behave themselves, that's OK, but you can't go to a foreign country and continue to transmit erroneous economic and security problems against your country, thinking you'll never have to pay for what you've done." Allow him to account for his actions."


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