Pay me all the sex we had - Lady tells estranged boyfriend in court (video)

Following their relationship's demise, two disgruntled lovers dragged each other to court, claiming one thing or another.

Cindy Nkeiru Okafo, a social media influencer and TV host, released a video of a woman demanding her boyfriend to pay her in cash for all of the s3x she had with him while they were dating after he demanded the return of all of the gifts he gave her.

The woman said that her ex-boyfriend purchased her a phone, a wristwatch, and a necklace, as well as storming her house to retrieve a generator he had given her.

"Yes he bought me a gift, he bought me a phone and wristwatch. One morning he just came to my house, I don’t understand and I saw him through the window.” she said.

"I rushed and hide some things because I know the kind of person he is. He just run to my back yard and then collected my generator and asked me to give him back the wristwatch and phone.

"I want him to give me back my generator, and when he collected the generator, I told him that I can’t pay him back. This watch and this phone, are mine. After all, we had sex together."

Watch hilarious Video below 

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