I Will Never Apologize To Akwa Tiwara Aki - Pastor vowed

A Nigeria Pastor (prophet, Ezeugo) who used the photos of Akwa Tiwara Aki, the popular native doctor in Oba in his live video has vowed never to apologise.

Akwa Tiwara Aki gave him 4 days to apologise for defaming him online. 

"I don't know this Pastor, why did he use my photos to talk bad about me just to get views, I am giving him four days to officially apologize, if not, he will hear from my gods. 

"I have 298 spirits working for me, I am not ordinary dibia, he first looked for my trouble, I will deal with him.

"I have lots of pastors i do prepare juju for them to get members, why is this one defaming me instead of coming and I work for him" Akwa said in a live video.

Reacting to the threats, he (Pastor) vowed never to apologise.

In an interview granted to Prophet Ezeugo today, he stood his ground to say that he will never apologise to any Native doctor.

Self acclaimed prophet, Ezeugo had also said that he is not throwing a challenge to anybody, but Akwa Okuko can do nothing to him.

Akwa also said in an interview, that the pastor was trying to remind him about the death of Ada Jesus. After tomorrow, 4th day. We will know if truly there is power."

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