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Actress Annie Idibia's Brother Wisdom Says He Wants To Be Paid For Work He Did For His 'Manipulative' Sister


Following the original call out made by Annie Idibia's older brother, Wisdom Macaulay, against his younger sister (Annie Idibia), he shared a new video to clarify the air as to what he requires. Watch previous video (Here).

Wisdom stated in the latest video that he is not pleading with Annie Idibia to pay him for something he did not work for, but rather for everything he accomplished for her before she removed him from his managerial position.

He talked about the tension he felt while working on Annie's kids' business, and how he wasn't paid for the work he completed at the end of the day.

According to Wisdom Macaulay

"Hello Nigerians Good morning; i want to clear up something out there. I am not begging Annie to pay me what I did not work for, I'm not begging anyone for money.

"I just want her to pay me for all the years I have put up in building her career based on the promises she made to me as a sister. 

"For instance last year she opened her children's brand, I designed it, I spent sleepless nights at Yaba with different tailors who sewed those things and at the end of the day I wasn't paid for it.

"Apart from that ,she made promises to me she did not keep. once I do anything she will say she is done and I will have to go back to her begging. 

"Towards end of last year she gave me a manager job but because I was not around for one week when I came back Annie took everything away from me. I have been begging her for a car to do Uber So I can stand on my own, Annie refused.

"Now put yourself in my shoes, after working for so long with one person based on promises and that she is your sister and at the end of the day none of the promises were fulfilled, she took all the hope and better life away.

"Annie is so manipulative she just doesn't want any situation where I can stand on my own and provide for myself , she always wants me to beg her and cry. 

"At every single opportunity she will tell me my family and children will suffer and I had no choice. I had no choice because I put in so much working with that woman I designed ***** she sold it worldwide but I was never paid a dime.

"I'm asking Annie to pay me for those works I have done for her, all my sleepless nights at Yaba. To avoid problems I asked her to give me the least car she has for Uber job so at weekends I will return the car Annie refused. 

"Yesterday I took the car and I told her let me use it to survive myself and family, Annie sent her driver and thugs after me just along VGC they were banging the car with knives I was so scared of my life I had to pack the car and ran away. 

"I'm so scared of my life even as I am here now she has been sending threats she has called my wife I can't even go to my house.

"Nigerians please help me, I have a family I have been doing this based on she is my sister, that God will touch her heart to fulfill her promises one day I spent sleepless nights working for her even lately the Netflix job she did at Eko hotel I was there , I was not paid"

Watch new video below

In other news, Wisdom writes as he reveals the fashion brand he worked tirelessly for under Annie Idibia.
Proving his points, he has released a photo of the Belvia Kids costume while claiming that it was sold all over the world.
"Hand designed and machine sawn. been sold all over the world with my ideas and concepts... "DENY THIS ONE TOO," he wrote.
He added that the idea and concept were his, as posted on his Instagram page.

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