Signs on how to know if I'm too emotional


It is a natural aspect of the human experience to experience a wide range of emotions.

It's okay to be emotional, especially when life's circumstances cause strong feelings.

When a person's emotions become overwhelming or interfere with their relationships, they may worry that they are overly emotional.

A person's emotional state is a subjective assessment. When it comes to emotional triggers, there is no right or wrong way to react, read more

Below are signs to know if you're too emotional..

1. It's impossible to say "no" to someone without feeling guilty. You love and care for others far too much.

2. You cry when you're alone but don't tell anyone because you're afraid of what others might think.

3. You have a tendency to believe that everyone is a friend. You do things for every passing stranger in your life.

4. You're a people person who goes above and beyond. You treat everyone with respect and expect others to do the same.

5. Because you can't do it to others, you have no idea when someone is taking advantage of you.

6. Because of your soft heart, you can't hurt people on purpose.

7. You can't express your feelings without bursting into tears.

8. You're so perceptive that you notice even the tiniest shifts in people's behavior toward you—the way they speak to you, the way they act toward you—but you do nothing about it.

9. You care too much about other people; you always put yourself in their shoes and try to be there for everyone, all of the time.


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