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Best school for your children is catholic -- Reno Omokri


Pastor Reno Omokri, a former assistant to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has stated that the greatest school for one's child is a Catholic school.

Reno, who made the announcement on his Facebook page, backs up his assertions with evidence.

According to him;;

"The best schools for your children are Catholic owned and run day schools. I am not a Catholic. I do not believe in Catholicism. 

"But I sent my daughter to a Catholic school for a while. In terms of discipline, education and civic mindedness, I am yet to find the equal of the Catholic Church! I myself attended a Catholic primary school for two years.

"You can identify an adult who went to a Catholic school by his or her discipline, physical posture, respect for authority, and loyalty to those they choose to call their friends.

"Catholic schools will not force your children to give up their own religions, and more importantly, your children won’t return to you as ‘woke’ teenagers. 

"Of course, there may be one or more exceptions, but to a large extent, you get back children highly in tune with their Circadian rhythm, in control of their appetite, and aware that they have a duty to society, and not just an entitlement from their community."

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