My Children Are Being Withheld From Me -- Korra Obidi's Husband Cries Out


Dr. Justin Dean, dancer Korra Obidi's husband, has disclosed that his estranged wife has filed a restraining order against him, preventing him from seeing his children.

Dean went live on Facebook, where he explained, in tears, how an alleged mistreatment of his older kid, June, prompted him to seek a divorce.


"She told me repeatedly that she wished June had never been born," he claimed. I told her to stop saying it, but she persisted.

"I called my mother, and she has agreed to testify in court."

"She's trying to hurt me," he added, adding that paperwork had been filed to prevent him from seeing his children. I adore my children.

"I was intending to share custody with her before, but now I want complete custody." I'm going to go to war with her.

"I'm getting divorced with Korra because she harmed June."

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