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[PHOTOS] Nigeria Failed Me, Says Man Who Lost Fiancée In Lagos-Ibadan Auto Crash

Toyosi Olufade, a Twitter user, described how he lost his fiancée in an accident last month in Ibadan in a post on Friday.

Olufade documented the many roles that government officials and ordinary residents played during and after the tragedy.

Olufade described his ordeal as follows:

"I am an accident survivor (March 22 2022) and I have so much. Lost my fiancée, who was beside me (while I drove) one month ago at Tollgate Ibadan. 

"I honestly lost a treasure. Dropping this right here because I will refer back to this incident for good.

"To the person who jumped from nowhere to the express and made us run into a trailer, God sees you even though you escaped (you can’t run from God).

"To FRSC officials who arrived at the incident with no first-aid till she gave up beside me while we were transited to the far located hospital and to people who took advantage of the situation to rob the accident car and steal while our lives were been fought for, thank you so much.

"To the Nigerian Police, who didn’t do the needful but was waiting for me to recover and still come to pay a huge some of money before I could retrieve the already damaged and write off(sic) car, thank you also.

"Nigeria failed me, Nigeria failed JOKE. It is still not the end yet because God has saved me for a reason I’m figuring out. No broken bones. No internal bleeding. Just some injuries, pains and a big loss.

"Can’t wait to honour you with so much success and manifestations JOKE. This situation has changed my entire life but all will be well at the end. I love youuuuuuu! Peace."

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