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Sitting in the toilet for a long time can give you pile -- Doctor warns people who spend hours on the phone while using the toilet


Dr @DrOlufunmilayo has warns people who spend hours on the phone while using the toilet, anything more than 10mins can give you hemorrhoids (pile).

This is why many of you have “Jedi”. NOT because of sugar. NOT because of sweet drinks.

You have piles and itchy anus because you turned your toilet to a lounge and a phone booth.

When you sit long on a toilet seat, straining; this eventually increases pressure in your anus area which causes the veins there to get engorged.

This engorged veins become painful, cause itching anus and sometimes bleed. This is hemorrhoids/pile.

This is what you call “Jedi”. Whenever you go to the toilet, Just shit and go. Don’t sit for long,

Replying your WhatsApp, Scrolling through IG and Twitter; All these is not good for you.

Your phone acquire germs there. If you touch the phone and touch your mouth/put it in your mouth, you can have Diarrhea.

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