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Six injured as Deeper Life Church collapsed during a heavy storm in Badagry

Six members of the Deeper Life Bible Church, which is located in Badagry's Iragbo neighborhood, were seriously injured on Sunday when the church's building fell during a violent storm while the service was in process.

Around 9:30 a.m., the church edifice collapsed due to rain and a strong storm. Topohozin Tunde, a member of the church who was also a victim, said six members of the church were seriously injured.

"I also sustained a serious knee injury. But thank God no life was lost. Just around 9:30 this morning, during the church service, there was a heavy storm which hit the church building, and before we could know what was happening, the whole church building collapsed," said Mr Tunde.

"Some were able to flee, but roughly six of us got significant injuries," he continued. Those who were critically injured were transferred to Badagry's General Hospital for treatment."

Thoma Agodi, the Baale of Iragbo, said he was inside his palace when a local informed him that the church had collapsed.

He remarked, "We have to thank God that no one has died as a result of the collapse."


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