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Ubi Franklin shares new details, reveals how the boys confessed of drugging the girl but Chrisland schools is trying to play down the confession

Ubi Franklin 
Mr. Ubi Franklin who broke the news about the Chrisland schoolgirl who he said was raped by fellow students, has now given more information about the incident. 

Ubi explained in a series of tweets that the lads found the girl's charger during supper and invited her to come to their room to get it. 

The girl child didn't want to go, but was forced there since her phone battery was running low, he claims. 

He revealed that when she arrived in their room, she was told to go into the toilet to get her charger, and when she did, a number of boys encircled her and began feeding her with various things.

Ubi Franklin further stated that the boys created a video that tried to depict that ‘she was on top’. He also noted that the boys have confessed their deeds, but Chrisland is trying to play down the confession. 

See tweets below: 

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