'We wanted to help her but she would rather trust in God' -- Pastor to late Osinachi Nwachukwu reacts to her death


Pastor Chioma Ibieze, the late gospel musician Ekwueme crooner Osinachi Nwachukwu's pastor and counselor, has spoken out.

Osinachi, according to Pastor Chioma Ibieze, didn't want anyone to intervene with her marriage problems because she trusted God to fix them.

The female pastor related how God opened her eyes to the difficulties the artist was enduring, and that when she spoke with her, she was overcome with emotion.

Pastor Chioma talked on how her death could have been prevented if she hadn't chosen to die in silence, enduring the abuse, pain, and grief.

She begged, pleaded, and advised her, according to the pastor, but she turned a deaf ear and endured it because she trusted God to help her.

She wrote, 

"REST IN PEACE MINISTER OSINACHI! The very first time I hosted this Angel, God opened her up to me like a television and she wept like a baby as she confirmed all and said even much more. 

"She opened up to me and his absolutely nothing. She confided in me till last week. I just don’t want to talk! She died prematurely! It could have been averted. 

"The wickedness was so much. She died in silence. She decided to endure the abuse, the pain and now DEATH! I begged, I pleaded, I counseled, but her “NICE HEART” kept enduring the abuse thinking it will be better rather it go worse. 

"I could not go contrary to her wish as a counselor. She wanted absolute privacy trusting God to help her and now death. I have not slept all day! I have said it, NOBODY SHOULD EVER STAY IN AN ABUSIVE MARRIAGE. FORGET WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY, THEY ARE NOT YOU. YOU HAVE TO SAVE YOU FIRST. I AM SO SAD!".

Osinachi Nwachukwu, the late Minister, According to the reports, she died after dying in silence from the constant beatings she got from her husband.

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