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Why I dropped out of Uni after two weeks -- BBNaija Angel

Angel Smith, a former Big Brother Naija season 6 contestant, has spoken out about her brief stint at the University of Lagos.

The reality TV actress stated that she only stayed at the facility for two weeks before leaving due to a sexual assault encounter.

She stated this in an interview with media personality Taymesan, which was published on Friday.

"I was just at UNILAG for two weeks. I struggled so badly for those two weeks because it was my first sexual assault experience at UNILAG "She stated.

"After that incident happened, I can recall just moving through it and pretending like it never happened," the 22-year-old writer continued.

"It had a significant impact on my academic life." I always blamed it on not knowing what to do in UNILAG when, in fact, I'd always known exactly what I wanted to do."

Angel, who grew up with her grandmother, said she went from wanting to be a gynecologist to being so proficient at English that she won multiple Spelling Bees and improved her writing skills.

"I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't just do it since I had gone through something so horrible, and I didn't tell anyone about it, certainly not my granny, because I felt so ashamed," Angel explained.

"Nobody knew I was out of school until my mother asked, and I was like, 'let me finally be out with it,'" she added.

"I certainly did not tell her what happened when I told her that and she questioned why." I just informed her that I didn't believe I was on the right track.

"She then enrolled me in a foundational programme in the UK, from which I also dropped out."

She stated that she left out since she didn't know what she wanted to accomplish with her life at the time.

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