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"A Piece Of Information In Regards To My Natal Reminiscence", On 11th Day Of June 2022


Age Is An AdvantAGE

The best thing that can happen to us young guys is that "We start early in life". For no old man has ever had the chance to start afresh, they all always wish they were younger.

A Little Storey About My Humble Self

I'm John Josiah Chinaechetam, hails from River State, Opobo/Nkoro. Definitely, the only Son of my parents with just *"A Lovely Sister".

Growing up, I have come to realize and discover that... "Life Itself Is Really Beautiful, It's We Humans And Our Characters That Makes It Look Ugly.

No matter what ever definitions you've heard and known about life from anyone, "Define Life For Yourself".

This is my 26th Year By God's Grace

On This Day, By The Engineering Of The Spirits, I Introduce My Self Into The New Dimensional Wind Of Relevance And Capacity That Waits Me.

It's my year of Undeniable Shift And Advancement.

I've Decided To Be Rugged And Dangerous In All Ramifications Of Life. I'm not careful to know which perspective you think from about this.

Happy Birthday To My Humble Self, Builder And Pianist John Josiah C


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