Attack On Me Was Unprovoked - Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe, an actress, has stated that she did not initiate the fight with Omolara Olukotun nicknamed Larrit, a shoe vendor.

In response to the incident's viral videos, Aigbe used her InstaStory to offer her side of the tale.

She claimed that she and Larrit had been friends until she encountered a "enemy."

Accordimg to Aigbe, "I have been bullied online several times by Larrit (Lara). She calls me unprintable names unprovoked, yesterday she took it a step further by physically assaulting me.

"I was at a friend's store opening (#rhemmygold) to celebrate with her.

"Larrit (Lara) was one of the guests. This woman, for reasons best known to her, slanders me online at every opportunity she gets. 

"She has done many live videos and posts to this effect. I tried to reach out to her to understand what the issues were, but she chose to ignore me.

"Lara and I are acquaintances. I have patronised her business, and she also has done likewise. So I was surprised and confused how she suddenly became an enemy. 

"I sent messages to her on WhatsApp, I called a few people close to her to understand why she would decide to be an antagonist. All efforts proved abortive."

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