#BBNaija Reunion: Saskay denied me more times than Judas denied Christ - JayPaul


With an enraged Jaypaul, Saskay sets the record straight and confronts Cross about a case of a leaking voice note.

In Episode 10 of the Big Brother Naija, Shine Ya Shine Reunion show that aired last night, it finally addresses one of the season’s most famous triangles.

JayPaul, fresh off the field, launched an emotional campaign in favor of Saskay. Unfortunately, as her time on the show came to an end, she made an iconic remark about not knowing who he was.

JayPaul also highlighted situations in which he made repeated attempts to maintain a healthy friendship with her, only for her to deny him "more times than Judas denied Jesus Christ."

JayPaul was accused of being untrustworthy by Saskay, who also accused him of having unrealistic expectations from a relationship that they never labeled.

Unfortunately, the JayPaul, Saskay, and Cross dynamics have suffered irreversible blows since the show ended, destroying any prospect of remaining friends.

When Cross was eventually given the opportunity to air his grievances, he described how her followers used a midnight visit to Saskay on her request, and how they (fans) generated rumors of them having sexual relations.

The roommate claimed that the viral voice note in which he made comments about Saskay and her fan base was influenced by rumors he assumed to have come from her team, in a flippant and humorous tone.

In the latest episode, Cross also made some surprising discoveries, such as how he refused down N20 million from their CrossKay fan base, as well as endorsement agreements and other enticing gifts.

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