Burna Boy: Club guards flee as CSO insists on thorough investigation

Since the shooting incident involving police escorts of music singer Burna Boy last Wednesday, there were indications yesterday that workers of the Cubana club are presently on the run.

This is despite a Civil Society Organization, Cadrell Advocacy Centre, warning the police not to jeopardize the probe.

Following a dispute that followed Burna Boy's talk with a married woman at the club but was questioned by her husband, two policemen who serve as escorts to the music singer allegedly shot at two people.

According to reports, all of the club's employees have been on the run since police officers began frequenting the club and detaining its employees.

The Club's Facility Manager has been in the police net since Friday, according to two security guards at the club who declined to provide their identities.

"Policemen have been coming here since yesterday, perhaps ten of them were here yesterday," they stated. They are aware that the club's owner is wealthy, and they are confident that something will emerge.

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