'If your wife is friendly with my ex forget it, they have slept together' - Woman narrates her ordeal with cheating Husband

A Nigerian woman identified as Winnifred Ifeatu has narrated her ordeal with her cheating husband.
Although she did not reveal the husband's name, she accused him of domestic volience and many other things.

Strenuousblog gathered that She was previously married to this man who she accuses of living an adulterous life with a touch of domestic Vauwlence, supported by the guys family.

She had to flee for her life and now, she has found a new marriage with an American Soldier.

According to her, "About my post this morning, this is not me throwing a pity party, I have gone beyond that stage, I have bigger things happening in my life now. 

"I am posting all these to clear the air, so many people have called me to share the part of the story he told them because I decided to be quiet and mature. They say silence is golden but not in my case.

"If your wife is friendly with my ex forget it, they have slept together. He sleeps with anything, anybody, children, adolescents. 

"I have girls of about thirteen fourteen coming to knock on my door, asking after him. I was super embarrassed. What hurts me the most is that his family gave him a full support, I have never seen such hypocrites before. 

"I Could remember buying a washing machine and the news got to his mother, and she waited for us to arrive home for Christmas and she made it a topic of discussion and prayer. 

"She prayed against it saying that anyone that buys washing machine is proud and a bad woman. 

"He went after my friends and my younger sister, he also tried molesting a young girl of about fourteen that stayed with me. A lot of things happened and I questioned myself, how long will I keep praying and fasting for an EFULEFU to change?

"I have pictures that will break the internet if I post them and I won’t benefit anything from posting them. I told him that a day will come when he would look for me but I will be far from his reach, he thought I was joking and that day finally came and he started calling and texting me, I told him that I have shut my door.

"A Man that beat me up because of another man’s wife with four kids, this woman threatened to kidnap Kirean my son when he was a baby, I cried so much that I didn’t have anymore tears to shed. Kai thank God for growth and wisdom."

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